Matt Small


Electronic Arts CG Artist 4 Jan 2004 – present

·   Led teams of artists creating environments and interactive props for console titles with sell-throughs totaling more than 4 million units

·   Modeled, textured, and assembled massive streaming environments using Maya

·   Supervised and mentored the work of environment artists

·   Coordinated task lists, schedule progress, scope adjustments, tool and pipeline refinement with leads in engineering, design, and production on 120-250 person teams

James Bond 007: From Russia with Love (PS2, Xbox, GameCube)

Led art team on the first current gen driving levels developed internally at EA Redwood Shores.  Helped develop new streaming and instancing pipelines which were used on teams across the studio. 

Godfather (PS2, Xbox, GameCube)

Led the art team creating object libraries for EA’s first open world action game.  Worked with engineering and design groups to develop plan for instanced and destructible objects. 

Lord of the Rings: The Third Age (PS2, Xbox, GameCube)

Led creation of all Two Towers levels, including the East Emnet Gullies, Helms Deep and Rohan Plains.  Worked closely with game designers to block and adjust level maps. 

Stormfront Studios Senior Environment Artist Aug 1998 – Dec 2003

·   Supervised and worked within teams of artists on well-received console games in a variety of genres – stunt car racing, open water boat combat, and cinematic action/adventure

·   Modeled and textured environments, props and vehicles, and assembled levels using 3DS Max

·   Worked closely with engineers to help develop two new rendering engines and art pipelines

·   Created and tracked artist schedules along 18 month development cycles

·   Negotiated project scope and needs with team producers and publisher 

Demonstone (PS2, Xbox)

Created objects and textures for various levels, and assembled the Temple of Chult level for this cinematic Dungeons & Dragons action/adventure. 

Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers (PS2, Xbox, GameCube)

Blocked, modeled, and textured nearly 100% of the Gates of Moria environment.

Blood Wake (Xbox)

Supervised overall visual style of this Xbox launch title.  Led environment team creating vast open water levels.  Designed and built terrain tile system.  Assembled most single player environments.

Hotwheels Turbo Racing (PSX, N64)

Designed, modeled, and textured both of the snow levels in this stunt-based racing game.  Pioneered the creation of half-pipes and 360° tubes.

CG Freelance Consultant 1995 - present

Inhance – Ground/air theater terrain demo (2004)

Modeled and textured 10km x 10km desert terrain and mountain ranges for prototype air and ground combat simulator.

John Paul Getty Museum – Statue of an Emperor Exhibit (2000)

Worked with museum curators to concept, create and animate informational kiosk video depicting the reassembly of fragments of a marble statue of Marcus Aurelius. 

PF Magic Petz 2 (1997), Petz 3 (1999)

Designed and modeled primary interface and all pet toys for Dogz and Catz series.

Sierra Online – Head Rush (1998)

Designed, illustrated and animated short anime style cutscenes for this gameshow style PC game.

C-Wave Slice’n’Hook: Haunted Miniature Golf (1996)

Designed, animated, and composited creatures and VFX onto photo backgrounds in this quirky miniature golf game.  The backgrounds were modeled and photographed by ILM’s model shop.

Berkeley Systems Artist/Animator 1993 - 1995

·   Illustrated and animated characters and backgrounds for immensely popular screen savers

·   Concepted and designed original IP for screen saver modules such as “Mime Hunt”, “Rat Race” and “You Bet Your Head”.

·   Developed ideas for screen saver modules based on licensed properties including “Itchy and Scratchy”, “Mr. Burns”, and “Beauty and the Beast”.

Totally Twisted Screen Saver (1995) – Lead Artist/Animator

Star Trek: TNG Screen Saver (1994) – Lead Artist/Animator

The Simpsons Screen Saver (1994) – Artist/Animator

After Dark 3.0 (1993) – Artist/Animator

The Disney Screen Saver (1993) – Artist/Animator


3D Modeling/Rendeirng Maya, 3D Studio Max, Zbrush

Paint/Design - Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects, Director

Development Tools - Renderware Studio, Perforce

Business - Microsoft Project, Word, Excel, FileMaker


B.A. English – UC Berkeley, 1990

Continuing education classes in ZBrush, next-gen modeling techniques, and Korean